City of Manassas Park Enhances 9-1-1 Services and Emergency Notification with Smart911

Public Safety Officials Encourage Residents to Sign-Up for the Free Service That Sends Emergency Notifications and Provides Emergency Responders with Important Information

Manassas Park, Virginia – Public safety officials in the City of Manassas Park have announced today that Smart911 is now available to all individuals and families. Smart911 is a free service that allows individuals to create a Safety Profile for their household that can include any information they may want 9-1-1 call takers and first responders to have in the event of an emergency. If a registered household needs to dial 9-1-1, their Safety Profile will immediately display on the call taker’s screen, saving critical seconds in response to an emergency. Smart911 also includes an option for Emergency Alerts, where individuals can opt-in to receive notifications regarding potentially hazardous events involving weather, traffic and other situations.

Smart911 allows individuals to create a Safety Profile for their household at or on the Smart911 Cellphone App. Individual users ultimately decide how much information they want to provide when they sign up, and it is all stored securely on the Smart911 online system. This voluntarily information allows responders to be aware of details they previously would not have known. For example, Smart911 enables citizens to link both their home and work addresses to their mobile phone, allowing these locations to be instantly provided to responders in the field for a more precise and rapid response. Additionally, police can have the photo of a missing person in seconds, rather than minutes or hours.

Individuals can also opt-in for Emergency Alerts, permitting citizens to receive timely and actionable alerts about emergency events in their area via multiple platforms. Like the Smart911 profile, users are in charge of what alerts they receive, and they can also identify when and how they are communicated with before, during, and after emergencies.

With Smart911 and Emergency Alert the community is better prepared in the event of an emergency.

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