City Hall Reopens with Protective Measures

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Residents of Moseby Ridge Subdivision- Moseby Drive Road Project Update:

We thank you for bearing with us as we worked to bring VDOT and a contractor onboard to execute this project and also gain permission from the HOA to begin work. We secured this HOA approval on Tuesday September 1st and construction crews began work on September 2nd. This will be a 2 month project, but with an interim roadway opening within the next 2-3 weeks. For details on the milestones established in our contract see below:

Milestone #1- “Interim Milestone”: partial reopening of roadway under traffic control.

  • Timeline: 26 days from Notice to Proceed - no later than Monday, September 28.  Completion after the 28th of September would involve contract penalties.
    • Update:  As of 5 PM Wednesday, September 23, 2020, Moseby Drive has been reopened to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  All Moseby Ridge subdivision residents and visitors are encouraged to begin using Moseby Drive.  Residents can anticipate minor delays during working hours. 

Milestone #2: “Substantial Completion Milestone”: having the work completed enough to serve its intended function, with only minor punch list items remaining.

  • Timeline: within 10 days from Interim Milestone, but no later than Thursday, October 8. 

Milestone #3: “Final Completion”: Punch list items completed.

  • Timeline: The contract stipulates that the work must be 100% completed by October 31.