BIDS/PROCUREMENT:  Vendor/Contractor Opportunities

The City of Manassas Park provides this Procurement site for use by vendors and contractors to review and download information about bids, RFPs, and other procurement requests.

Manassas Park Procurement Procedures

In procurring goods and services, the City of Manassas Park follows the procedures adopted in the Virginia Procurement Act (Virginia Code Annotated, section 11-35, et seq.) under the direction and administration of the City Manager.


  • Request for Proposals: Snow and Ice Removal 
    • Responses to RFP due on 1PM on January 13th, 2021
    • Questions on RFP due on 10AM on January 4th, 2021
  • Request for Quotes: City Center Angled Parking 
    • Responses to RFQ due by 4PM on August 11, 2021
  • Request for Quotes: 127 Alpine St. Demolition  
    • Responses to RFQ due by 5PM on September 3, 2021