DSS Advisory Board Meeting:  1st Monday of every other starting at 6:00 pm, on the 2nd floor of the Department of Social Services facility located at 100 Nadia St., Manassas Park. For more information, please contact Randi Knights, Director, at 703.335.8888 or via email at Randi.Knights@dss.virginia.gov.

Meeting Dates: November 6, 2019; January 8, 2020; March 4, 2020; May 6, 2020; July 1, 2020; September 2, 2020

Community Planning Management Team (CPMT) Meetings: 4th Monday of the month at 11:00am, on the 2nd floor of the Department of Social Services facility located at 100 Nadia St., Manassas Park. Contact Randi Knights Randi.Knights@dss.virginia.gov or by phone at 703-335-8888 for more information or visit http://www.csa.virginia.gov/ to learn more about the Children's Services Act. 

Leadership Philosophy:

We believe the provision of Human/Social Services is an honorable profession that values, advocates for, and enhances the well being of citizens.  We strive to meet the service needs of our customers and take pride in knowing we positively impact the quality of life.  Within our diverse workforce there is a powerful, collective talent for creativity and innovation. To foster this talent, the department will utilize a team approach throughout the organization by:

  • Trusting and being respectful of each other and our customers;
  • Providing the opportunity to learn and develop in order to enhance the services we provide;
  • Promoting the free flow of information throughout the organization to increase understanding;
  • Trusting each other to make informed decisions, while empowering and encouraging each other to take intelligent risks;
  • Valuing our diversity and recognizing each other’s efforts that contribute to the overall success of the organization; and
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment.

Core Values

In concert with the Leadership Philosophy, the Department of Social Services for the City of Manassas Park employees will endeavor to enhance the delivery of service to citizens by striving to meet the Core Values set forth.

Teamwork--treating others with respect and consideration, working to build collaborative partnerships that effectively utilize our resources.

Professional integrity and accountability--maintaining the dignity and confidentiality of our customers and fellow co-workers.

Group Decision Making -- unconditional support for group decisions that benefit the whole organization, individuals set aside any personal differences.

Staff Development--providing opportunities for staff to do productive, meaningful work and experience success.

Staff Recognition -- acknowledgement of people’s accomplishments and successes.

Client Advocacy--assisting clients in obtaining necessary services.

Social Justice -- Acting in a trustworthy manner to promote the dignity and worth of all persons.  Assisting in identifying and addressing the needs of the citizens.

Customer Base

The majority of all customers are representative of populations we are mandated to serve by federal or state law.  Others, like our youth population, are targeted to prevent the development of at-risk behaviors and dependency on public assistance programs.

It is important to note that any City resident could become a customer if they were to experience a financial or medical crisis, unexpected unemployment, life-altering disability, hardship in caring for dependent children or aging parents, a natural disaster or fire, or needed education and/or support services.

The department is divided into three sections: Services, Eligibility and Administrative Support

Services Section

Oversees child and adult protective services, foster care and adoption, and educational achievement, and family stabilization initiatives

Eligibility Section

Administers federal and state temporary financial assistance programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Emergency Assistance and Employment Training.

CARES Act assistance for rent and/or utility is available to residents who are struggling to pay due to COVID-19. See here for more information. 

Administrative Section

Responsible for the planning, organizing, setting objective, formulating policy, directing and evaluating benefits and services programs according to federal and state legislation, rules, regulations and local policies.  The administrative section has responsibility for the preparation and defense of the operating budget.  In conjunction with the Services and Eligibility sections, the Administrative section projects resource requirements, works with the local Social Services Advisory Board to keep it informed and seek necessary guidance and directions, coordinates community resources, monitors social, economic, and demographic trends in the community, and maintains effective communication between the agency and other community programs and services, local government and the State Department of Social Services.

Benefits of Social Services

By utilizing all resources, the department provides citizens with the skills and opportunities required to meet the basic needs critical to achieving self-sufficiency.  These elements include:

  • Safe, affordable housing
  • Education and job skills
  • Adequate, continuous income
  • Transportation
  • Medical and mental health care
  • Development of life skills, social skills, and daily decision-making skills

In doing so, the programs directly enhance the City’s economy, protect public safety, decrease the need for more expensive programs, help families remain together and care for their dependent members, and transform today’s youth into tomorrow’s productive adult population.


Randi Knights
Director of Social Services
100 Nadia Street 2nd Floor
Manassas Park, VA 20111
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Business Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Lobby Hours:     9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Administrative Fax Number: 703-335-8899
Benefits (SNAP/MEDICAID/TANF) Fax Number: 703-335-8899
Services (CPS/APS/Foster Care/Adoption) Fax Number: 703-257-7927
Medicaid 855-242-8282
Medicaid/SNAP/TANF/EA 855-635-4370
24 Hour Child Protective Services Hotline 1-800-552-7096
24 Hour Adult Protective Services Hotline 1-888-832-3858
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