The City Zoning Administration Division is responsible for processing zoning approvals and permits for residential and commercial uses, administering the City’s Zoning Ordinance by processing appeals and variances to the Board of Zoning Appeals and responding to zoning and proffer verification requests.

Zoning approval is required prior to the construction of any new structure and the commencement of any new use on a property.  Zoning Administration issues zoning approvals after ensuring compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.

The City Zoning Enforcement Office is responsible for enforcing the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Manassas Park.  The City is committed to helping residents and business owners understand the importance of maintaining the city's health, safety and quality of life.

Enforcement begins with education about the City’s zoning regulations.    

Some of the most common zoning violations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Inoperable vehicle(s)
    - Is not in operating condition
    - Does not display valid license plates
    - Does not display an inspection decal that is valid or does display an inspection decal that has expired more than 60 days ago
    - For a period of sixty (60) days or longer has been partially or totally disassembled by the removal of tires and wheels, the engine or other essential parts required for the operation of the vehicle.
  2. Trailers on the street
    - The use and storage of major recreational equipment, included but not limited to boats, boat trailers, camping trailers, travel trailers, motorized dwellings, tent trailers, houseboats, horse vans, and utility trailers which extend more than seven (7) feet from the face of the curb
  3. Illegal signs
    - These include signs that have been illegally placed in the public right-of-way within the city.
  4. Outside storage of household items
  5. Overcrowding/over-occupancy
  6. Fences
  7. Violations of home occupation permit regulations

 Zoning Requirements Fences

Zoning approval is required for fences of any height in all residential districts. To apply for zoning approval for a fence in residential or agricultural zoning districts, please submit the following: 

  • Processing fee in cash or check in accordance with the current Zoning Fee Schedule. 
  • Submit three (3) copies of the house location survey plat showing the location of the proposed fence. Plat must be to scale and clearly show the surveyor's seal, signature, and scale used.
  • Special Powerof Attorney Affidavit - Required if the applicant is not the homeowner     
  • No application form is required.