Real Estate values are assessed by the Real Estate Tax assessor (703-335-8811), and the tax rate on those assessments is set by the Governing Body. Taxes are due in two installments each fiscal year:
December 5 and June 5. Each property owner receives a bill, and those whose taxes are paid by a mortgage company may simply keep the bill as an informational copy.

Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled

Real Estate tax relief is provided for qualified property owners.  To qualify, you must be the homeowner and living in the Manassas Park home as of July 1 of the year that you are applying. You must be 65 years of age by July 1 or be permanently and totally disabled and have a family income of less than $40,000. for full relief.  Family income for partial relief must be between $40,001. and $50,000.  Net worth can not exceed $100,000.  Application must be filed by April 1 every year.  Applications are available under "downloadable forms" on the City's website.