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Manassas Park City Library

 Manassas Park City Library Celebrates One Year of Service

MANASSAS PARK, Va., Aug. 8, 2021-- The City of Manassas Park, VA is celebrating one year of Manassas Park City Library (MPCL) serving the community. Despite pandemic challenges, the new library has quickly become a valuable community asset providing high quality learning and enrichment.

Over the last year, the Manassas Park City Library welcomed nearly 8,700 visitors, lent 8,800 items, registered 1,000 new cardholders, operated 2,400 hours, and provided online access to a variety of resources 24/7 on its website. The Library provides a variety of services tailored to on community need, which have been met with strong enthusiasm, including:

  • Storytime (Previously virtual via Facebook Live and now in person)
  • Homeschooling Series
  • Grab & Go Kits containing fun crafts and educational worksheets

MPCL collaborated with Manassas Park organizations and participated in community events, including Trunk or Treat, Cougar Virtual Literacy Run, community yard sales and Summer Camp Storytime. A Seed Exchange Library created in partnership with a local Girl Scout Troop provides access to heirloom seeds as well as programming designed to “build” the community and watch it “grow”.

MPCL’s first summer reading program, designed to support year-round learning, is extremely successful. In addition to reading books, fun themed events including two at the Manassas Park Dog Park captured the imaginations of children and teens. The program will conclude with a large end of summer celebration on August 13th from 4-6pm featuring a petting zoo, reptiles, games, crafts and more!

“The Manassas Park City Library has been a remarkable addition to the Manassas Park Community. From print and digital material to programs and services, the Library provides excellent opportunities for community members to learn, discover, create, and connect. I am thrilled with the services that MPCL has been able to offer over the last year and look forward to its continued growth and expansion,” said Laszlo Palko, Manassas Park City Manager.

“MPCL Staff is proud to celebrate one year of service,” said Holly Ritchie, Director of Manassas Park City Library. “The community has been incredibly welcoming and enthusiastic about the Library and we have enjoyed providing materials and services tailored to the community’s needs and desires. We are very excited about what the future holds for MPCL and look forward to getting to know even more community members.”

The Manassas Park City Library is located in Bloom's Park, amid the walking paths and green space. Plans include a move to a larger, permanent space in downtown Manassas Park by the middle of or end of 2022. Learn more about Manassas Park City Library at: