City Closures During COVID-19

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The City encourages all residents to complete their Census surveys for the 2020 Census. This is important in ensuring our community receives much needed federal funding for critical services and programs. City staff is aware that some Census surveys were mailed to Manassas Park residents with a listed city address that is different than what residents are used to seeing. City staff has relayed the concern to Census Bureau staff. Please see the below explanation from the Census Bureau:

The Census Bureau recognizes some 2020 Census invitations are addressed to households using the U.S. Postal Service “city” name, which the USPS associates with a particular ZIP Code.  This can result in the “city” differing from the legal municipality in which the housing unit is actually located and/or the name that residents recognize themselves to reside in.  While the Census Bureau relies on an accurate USPS postal address to deliver 2020 Census correspondence to most households, the mailing address for a residence is not used to assign housing units to the proper political jurisdiction or census geography.  Addresses that are delivered using a “postal city” do not require corrections, as the unique Census ID on their invitation links back to the address at it location.  However, the online response system allows respondents to use their Census ID and make corrections to addresses prior to submission.  With or without corrections, by using the unique Census ID provided in the 2020 Census invitation, the Census Bureau internally matches each response back to the physical location address, not the “postal city” address.   

Data that results from the 2020 Census are tabulated using the physical location and “geocode” of a housing unit to assign it to the proper geographic areas. Geocodes specify precise geographic codes based on housing unit locations and identify the legal municipality, tribal area, and county as appropriate.  Therefore, each census tract, voting district, school district, tribal area, county, municipality, and other geographic area receives accurate results from the census. 

It is important for households to respond online using their unique ID.  We hope now residents have an understanding of how the Census ID ties back to their "location address" and that it is best they respond using the Census ID they received and make modifications to the address using the online system.  Please share this with your friends and families.  For more information, please see this link to the Census Bureau's website about USPS City vs Census Geography.  


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