The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the coordination and preparation of Governing Body (Mayor and City Council) meeting agendas and packets, meeting minutes, Municipal Code maintenance, City records management, and administration of the local reporting requirements.

The City Clerk ensures that the legislative process is "open and public" by notifying citizens who might be impacted by City decisions. The City Clerk publishes and posts notices, ordinances and resolutions as required by law. In addition, the City Clerk receives and processes subpoenas filed against the City.  

The City Clerk prepares the Governing Body agendas in conjunction with and under the direction of the City Manager. The City Clerk attends all Governing Body meetings to record actions taken. Minutes are transcribed in draft form and are generally prepared and presented to the Governing Body for approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

In addition, the City Clerk’s Office follows up on all action taken by the Governing Bocy at the meeting. This includes arranging for approval and execution of all agreements, ordinances, resolutions and other official documents approved by the Governing Body, and certifying and attesting to Governing Body action. The City Clerk also coordinates the live and taped broadcasting of the Governing Body and Planning Commission meetings.

City Clerk is responsible for the continuous updating of the Manassas Park Municipal Code and Zoning Code.