Activities/program/services which assist Human Services recipients in securing employment on the education and training needed to secure employment, which allows the recipient and their family to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of self-sufficiency in the provision of health care, food, clothing and shelter.

Virginia’s Initiative for Employment (VIEW) Not Welfare establishes a two year time limit on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits while recipients become/are involved in work activities to prepare them to secure employment.  The recipient is eligible to receive supportive services which include child care, transportation, and education and training opportunities to prepare or enhance their efforts to obtain and maintain employment. 

The program participants are required to sign a Personal Rights and Responsibility Agreement that delineates their responsibilities in the program and the sanction that may be imposed for non-compliance with the Plan of Service that is jointly developed with the Department of Social Services to assist them to achieve employment, and move toward a level of self-sufficiency.