A House Location Survey Plat (certified by a registered placeStateVirginia surveyor) is required for many zoning approvals.  This plat shows all property lines and existing structures on an individual residential lot.~ Everything on the plat must be~drawn to-scale.~ Only plats with the following items will be accepted:
·       All information shown to-scale
·       The surveyor's seal
·       The surveyor's signature
·       The scale used by the surveyor
·       Complete plat drawings (partial plats are not acceptable)
What is "to-scale"?
To ensure that plat information accurately reflects the measurements taken on the site of a survey, surveyors use a scale (for instance, 1"=30' or 1 inch = 30 feet) for all plat drawings.~ A "to-scale" plat is an exact copy of the original plat, with all lines (as measured on the page) being identical to that of the original.  A to-scale copy must be on the same sheet size as the original (for instance, if an original plat is printed on an 11" x 17" sheet, then only a copy on that sheet size~could be acceptable, not a copy on 8.5" x 11").~ Plats that have been faxed, reduced, enlarged, or otherwise altered are not to-scale, and cannot be accepted.~ Zoning staff will verify that a plat is to-scale before processing a request for zoning approval.
Where do I get a copy of my plat?
House location survey plats are required items with the documents provided at closing when purchasing a new home.~ If a plat was not included with your closing paperwork (or if the copy you received is not to-scale), you should contact the mortgage company, title company, or surveyor who did the survey.~ Please note: neither the Department of Building Planning and Zoning nor the Prince William County Courthouse keep copies of house location survey plats.