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City of Manassas Park
Office of Planning
Site/Subdivision application form
Plan#: ________________________
1. Plan (Application) Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
2. Engineer/Surveyor: ____________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________
a. Address: _______________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________
b. Contact Person: _________________________________________________
3. Developer/Contract Purchaser: ___________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________
a. Address: _______________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________
b. Contact Person:_________________________________________________
4. Owner: ______________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________
a. Address: _______________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________
b. Contact Person: _________________________________________________
5. Brief Description of Application: ________________________________________________________________________________Tax Map Number(s)
Existing Total Acres
Proposed Development Total Acres
Proposed Development Disturbed Acres
Proposed Total Nonresidential Bldg Sq. Feet
Proposed Number Nonresidential Lots/Parcel
Proposed Number Residential Lots/Units
Zoning District
Proposed Use
6. Application includes: [ ] Subdivision Plan [ ] Plats [ ] Public Improvement [ ] Other [ ] Site Plan
________________________________ _______________________________ _______________________ _______________
* Signatures Engineer/Surveyor Developer/Contract Purchaser Owner By signing above, I hereby grant permission to City staff to enter the property
*(All signatures required – if Owner and Developer are the same, only one signature is needed, Engineer/Surveyor signature needed only if applicable


Calvin O'Dell
Director of Community Development and Public Works
City Hall, One Park Center Court
Manassas Park, VA 20111
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Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM