The City Treasurer is elected every four years and is responsible for City and Schools activities related to the receipt, deposit, investment, reconciliation and disbursement of funds (revenue).  The legal authority for the Treasurer's duties and responsibilities was established in 1869 by the Constitution of Virginia.  The City Treasurer collects: 

·         Personal property taxes

·         Real estate taxes

·         State income taxes

·         Payments from federal, state and other local governments

·         Parks & Recreation Department fees

·         Business licenses and taxes

·         Building permits and other fees

·         Payments for vehicle decals

·         Water bill payments

·         Delinquent payments

Real Estate: Real estate taxes are assessed on a fiscal-year basis, i.e., the tax year runs from July 1 to June 30, based on property valuations as of July 1 each year. This is a change effective July 1, 2009.

First half bills are due each December 5 and second half bills are due June 5, or the nearest succeeding weekday if one of these dates falls on a weekend. All property owners are mailed copies of their bills, and if a mortgage company will be paying the tax, the bill may be kept as an information copy. Property owners who pay their own taxes should include the tear-off portion with their payments.  Annual tax information for preparation of tax returns may be found here.

Personal Property Tax: Tax on vehicles and other personal property is due October 5 each year, or the nearest succeeding weekday if October 5 falls on a weekend. Manassas Park is a non-prorating locality, which means tax is assessed on all vehicles garaged in the city on January 1 of the tax year, regardless of any disposition (sale, trade, or removal to another locality) later in the year. Vehicles purchased or moved into the city after January 1 are not taxed until the following year. Residents moving from Manassas Park to another Virginia locality during the year should not pay any current-year tax in the new jurisdiction. Contact this office for details. 

Yard Sale Permits may be purchased at the Treasurer's office for $1.00. Each resident may have two yard sales each year.

Dog and Cat Licenses may be purchased at the Treasurer's Office for $5.00 unsexed (spayed or neutered) or $10.00 sexed per year. We offer one-, two- and three-year tags – depending on the rabies expiration date.  Proof of current rabies vaccination must be provided at time of purchase. Licenses expire December 31.

Payment Options: Payment by cash, check, money order or credit card may be made in person at City Hall or mailed (see address and office hours). Non-cash payments may be placed in the after-hours drop box to the left of the front entrance of City Hall at any time. The box will be checked at 12:30 pm Monday through Friday. Payments put in the box after that time will be processed on the next business day. Please make all checks payable to City of Manassas Park. All tax payments with U.S. postmarks for the due date will be considered on time; Water-Sewer payments must be received by the due date to be considered on time. For online payment option, please click here.