The City of Manassas Park, like every organization, wants to attract, motivate and retain the most qualified employees and match them to jobs for which they are best suited. One of the major responsibilities of the City’s Department of Human Resources is to provide that connection.

The Department handles payroll and benefits administration; recruitment and retention; compensation and classification; employee relations and safety; employment policies and practices; and organizational development.

Our Human Resource Management program supports the City Manager and all City departments in job analysis and planning for future needs to ensure a skilled and knowledgeable workforce committed to the City’s standards for public service.


The City of Manassas Park employs 150 people in a variety of full-time positions serving our community.  Many more serve in a part-time or temporary capacity in order to expand and enhance programs and services for city residents and visitors. Volunteers may also serve in a variety of positions such as officers of elections, project coordinators, and public safety assistants.

We value your interest in local government employment and encourage you to apply for jobs that meet your objectives for career development and public service.  We regularly post job opportunities on this website along with position descriptions and instructions on the application process.

Job Opportunities and How to Apply