The Finance Department provides comprehensive financial management, accounting, and reporting services; pays all City bills; manages external payroll reporting; serves as a central procurement agency.

The department also provides overall debt management services for the City as well as debt management, prepares a number of specialized technical reports including the annual utility rate study, official statements and prospectuses for bond issues, the City’s annual financial report, the state mandated comparative cost report transmittal forms, and a variety of grant reports. The department provides technical support to city departments and agencies in managing and maintaining automated financial information systems as well as leading and participating in financial system implementation and enhancements.

The Real Estate Assessor's Office, a division of the Finance department, is responsible for assessing all parcels in the City annually, provides various services to homeowners, prospective homebuyers/sellers, Realtors, title researchers, Attorneys and land surveyors and maintains assessment information online.

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Additional Contacts

Accounts Payable: 703-335-8819
Assessments: 703-335-8811
Benefits & Payroll: 703-335-8810